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Boudoir (boo-dwah) is sooooo not JUST about taking a photograph in a thong!!!

I often hear things like "I'm not taking any naked pictures" or "I'm not skinny enough to take a picture in my underwear"... Hey, I hear ya! Taking a fine art nude or being posed in straight lingerie MAY not be for everyone. I have had three children and my mid-section WILL NOT forget it. So... for me feeling sexy and beautiful means being captured in my husbands button down shirt with bare feet staring out of the window...or being in a long flowy dress dancing around revealing my shoulders and a bit of thigh. That's how I define my sexy. At BEME the whole concept behind boudoir is intimacy. I'm here to help you define what your idea of beautiful, sexy, intimacy is AND to display it creatively and tastefully with a photograph.